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Customer Service
Since   2002,   RM2M,   exclusive   importer   in   France   for   the   Company   Telecrane   (manufacturer   of radio   control   systems   for   hoists,   travelling   cranes   and   many   other   machines)   has   acquired   a real   know-how   in   the   field   of   industrial   radio   control.   Today,   more   than   6000   industrial   radio controls    form    Telecrane’s    French    park.    Our    radio    controls    comply    with    many    European directives :   2011/65/EU   (RoHS),    2006/42/EC   (devices),   2014/35/EU    (low   voltage),   EN    ISO         13849-1 (security) A wide range
We    provide    the    customer    service    for    all    radio    controls    and    due    to FALARD   Industry   suspended   business   activities,   RM2M   now   provides the   customer   service   for   all   FALARD   industrial   radio   controls   for   the models SAGA1 L, K and V series as well as SADAMEC radio controls
The vast range of industrial radio controls allows us to handle more than 99% of the requests. Whether the industrial radio control model is standard or dictated by complex requirements specification, the need for increased productivity and safety, prevail over the choice of equipment interrogation